Audio Visual Committee Purpose: To enhance the quality of the worship service by operating the sound system and videotaping and photographing the church service as well as special programs and activities.

Club Purpose: To enhance the growth of the church and support every major endeavor of the church as well as scatter deeds of kindness in the community.

Flower Club Purpose: To beautify the church by supplying flowers on Sunday and special occasions.

Bereavement Committee Purpose: To render service in any way to bereaved families of Assembly Of God Apostolic Church Inc.

Journalistic Society Purpose: To publish the church newspaper, The Spotlight, to do missionary work; and to work cooperatively in any financial drive of the church.

Communion Singers Purpose: To carry and serve Communion to sick and shut-in members who request it and sing for church service on the first and third Sunday of each month.

Laymen's League Purpose: To assist the church and Pastor in any effort or project that the church sponsors, providing Christian Education for the men of the church.

EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE COMMITTEE Purpose: To provide emergency assistance as needed to individuals in attendance at Assembly Of God Apostolic Church Inc.

Library Commission Purpose: To enhance the Christian Education program of the church. 

Sunday School Purpose: To teach and discuss God's Word and to help lead people to Christ.

SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE Purpose: To establish criteria for members applying for scholarships and to receive applications and determine if criteria has been met.

TRANSPORTATION MINISTRY Purpose: To provide transportation to and from the church for members needing it; to provide group transportation to church related functions.

MASS CHOIR Purpose: To provide music for church services and support the Pastor in endeavors and projects.

USHERS AND NURSES BOARD Purpose: (Ushers) To greet worshippers and direct them to seats during worship services and other services. (Nurses) To provide worshippers with assistance such as health-related needs, etc.

SENIOR MISSIONARY DEPARTMENT Purpose: To promote missions and ministry and support the Pastor in endeavors and church affiliated conventions.

VOLUNTEERS FOR CHRISTIAN SERVICES Purpose: To include senior citizens in making worthwhile contributions to New Bethel and other needy causes.

YOUTH CHOIR Purpose: To render service in songs to God and New Bethel by lifting up the name of Jesus.

WILLING WORKERS Purpose: To aid the Pastor and church through various activities such as visiting the sick and shut-in and community outreach projects.

YOUTH MISSIONARY Purpose: To provide youth of the church an opportunity for Christian witnessing through missionary work.

YOUNG ADULT MISSIONARY Purpose: To provide young adults an opportunity for Christian witnessing through missionary work.