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  Each year, Assembly Of God Apostolic Church Inc. offers scholarships from various sources to members of the church who are pursuing educational opportunities offered by a post secondary educational institution, e.g. vocational/technical school, community college or four-year college. Eligibility for scholarships is determined by the Scholarship Committee of the Youth Council.

Funds for scholarships come from individual member contributions, church organizations, from memorials in memory of the deceased and numerous other sources.

Scholarships currently available are:

The Patty S. Phillips Memorial Scholarship Award are donated annually by the Thomas, Whitfield and Phillips Family in memory of their mother and wife the late  Mrs. Patty S. Phillips.


Each of the scholarships is in the amount of $250 - $500. Criteria for eligibility include:

  • Must be a member and of Assembly Of God Apostolic Church Inc.
  • Must be a graduating high school senior
  • Application must be accepted by intended educational institution
  • Must submit completed scholarship application to Scholarship Committee
  • Academic achievement
  • Church involvement
  • School, community, leadership and other involvement
  • Must submit two letters of recommendation

FOR QUESTIONS REGARDING SCHOLARSHIPS AT  Assembly Of God Apostolic Church Inc., PLEASE CONTACT  @ assemblyofgodapostolicchurch@gmail.com .